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We pioneer IoT based Research and Development of Industry Grade Security, Automation and Safety systems, all designed and manufactured in India

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OdXel facilitates training by our expert engineers on various verticals.

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Our highly experienced team helping you with consultancy in various verticals including Automation, IBMS, Life Safety, and Security,

Who are we?
Highly efficient cutting edge solutions.

Technology is evolving at an exponential pace, and the dynamics of business and home automation, safety and security needs too are undergoing major shifts. We at OdXel, provide products that perfectly cater your business (small and large scale) and personal needs in automation, safety and security verticals.
We embody the philosophy of 'Make in India', as the R&D and manufacturing is done in India, while maintaining the highest standards with our
industrial grade solutions. The central goal of OdXel
is to offer efficient, high quality solutions in India for
a very affordable price, hence driving the technological
progress within.

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